Eyeshadow Set ⋙Warmth⋘

Eyeshadow Set ⋙Warmth⋘

  • 3700

This set includes some of the best shades in the Simplicity Cosmetics line! It's a great way to get some amazing rich warm shades at an even better price! Shades in this set include:

Radiant - very pale peach, with a glow
Ginger - medium peachy apricot with a pearl shimmer
Nectar - peachy rose nude with a shimmer
Autumn - warm coppery brown eyeshadow with shimmer
Bronze - metallic bronze with a bit of gold shimmer
Fawn - medium warm brown with a matte finish


Simplicity Cosmetics eyeshadows come in 10 gram sifter jars with 1 gram of product in it. I use larger jars so the eyeshadow isn't so packed in, making it easier for you to use!


Simplicity Cosmetics products are all handcrafted from natural minerals. All my cosmetics are made in small batches and carefully packaged.

No Parabens
No Bismuth
No Micronized or Nano minerals
No Dyes
No Cornstarch

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